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  • Adapts Pycom WiPy2/LoPy for Direct Interface to NCD Products
  • USB Interface for Programming WiPy2/LoPy
  • Interface Adapter with USB for WiPy2/LoPy for IoT Applications (Type C)
  • For use Exclusively with NCD IoT Devices


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This adapter was designed to connect the Pycom WiPy2/LoPy WiFi module to any of our NCD IoT devices. This adapter includes a Level-Shifted I2C Communication Bus and a USB interface for programming the WiPy. This adapter is compatible with the LPKF Key Fob Receiver Shield for WiPy2/LoPy.

This adapter maps the I2C and Power connections only.

I2C connections — GPIO13(SCL)/GPIO12(SDA)

For more information on the WiPy, check out: https://www.pycom.io/


Wiring Diagrams

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SKU: PR34-9
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