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  • nodeLynk I2C Interconnect Cable
  • High Quality Molex Compatible Connectors
  • Available in 3″ Size for Mini Modules
  • Available in 6″ Size for IoT and I2C nodeLynk Devices
  • Optional 12″, 20″, 3.25′ and 6.5′ Sizes for Experimentation


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nodeLynk I2C Cables make it easy to link devices together.  Available in 6 sizes, based on your needs.  Please note: The 3″ nodeLynk I2C cable is included with all Mini Modules.  The 6″ Cable length is included with all other nodeLynk devices.  We also have 12″ and 20″ cables available, but longer cables are not compatible with all NCD IoT Rapid Development devices.  As a general rule, the I2C cable length should be as short as possible.  For those willing to experiment, and perhaps reduce the clock speed of the I2C data bus, we also offer 3.25′ (1 Meter) and 6.5′ (2 Meter) cables.  Please note that longer cable lengths are not typically recommended, and are offered strictly for experimentation purposes.  In some applications, they may not work at all or may require you to lower the pull-up resistance on external devices by installing the I2C pull-up jumpers.

Use nodeLynk I2C cables with 4-color wire and latching connectors to link sensors and controllers together in any combination.  Use nodeLynk I2C cables to rapidly develop hardware for IoT applications.  Link relay controllers together to add more relays to your application, or mix relay controllers with PWM and FET drivers using nodeLynk I2C cables.  Latching connectors provide a solid link, simply connect the I2C Output to the I2C Input of the next device.  Link together multiple sensors, such as temperature and humidity, gas sensor, gyroscopes, and more using nodeLynk I2C cables.

As a general rule, the brown wire on the I2C cable should follow the Ground connection on the device.  The red conductor of the nodeLynk I2C cable will always carry 5V between I2C devices and sensors.  The Orange and Yellow conductors of the nodeLynk I2C cable are used to carry I2C communications.  Don’t forget to slow down the I2C communication speed when using longer I2C cables!

Note: If you need longer I2C Cables, Be sure to check out our I2C Cable Joiner, Used to Extend the Length of nodeLynk I2C Cables.


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We Customize Just for You!!

NCD offers many custom IoT electronic design services to help tailor our product to your exact needs.  Whether you are looking for custom firmware, circuit board modifications, metal enclosures, or industrial color printing, we can help you with a wide variety of design services.

Custom IoT Electronic Design Services Process

Most of our users purchase off-the-shelf hardware for initial testing.  Once everything is working, they contact us to build a custom solution which may include specialized changes to the board, firmware, connectors, etc.  Custom boards have many advantages such as reduced wiring, easy installation, small size, less power consumption, and in some cases, an overall reduction in product cost.  Custom IoT Electronic Design Services will have your company name and logo on the board as well as the enclosure.

Customized IoT Electronics

NCD engineers can help build a customized solution for your particular application based on the designs you see on our website.  We can combine devices onto a single board, change the shape, or even some of the components to meet your exact needs.  We also provide turn-key metal enclosures with powder coating and full-color printing on the top side starting at just $500 for setup!  We have more than 20 years of experience in electronics design and manufacturing.  All of our products are designed and manufactured in the USA, so we are here to support the products we make.  We only ask that our customers prototype their needs using our existing products before we customize.

Customization Guidelines

  • Custom designs should be based on our existing product because we can’t build rockets or electric cars over here!
  • We do not provide customization services if it involves the introduction of a new or untested technology.
  • Custom engineering fees depend on your requirements, so please contact us for a quote!
  • We maintain ownership of all designs, including our customized designs as they are based on our existing Design.
  • We will only ship the customized product to you or your authorized agents.
  • We have an NDA available if needed.
  • The turn-around time is about 2-3 weeks.
  • We specialize in low-volume designs, no quantity is too small!
  • We have the ability to scale to large volumes as needed.

Getting Started with Product Customization

All you have to do is contact us and we will walk you through the process from beginning to end, based on your individual needs.  Some people are surprised at how fast we finish CAD design (usually a few hours), but keep in mind, we still have to build your design, which takes considerably more time.  When we customize product, here are the general services we provide:

  • We design the circuit board.
  • We communicate with our customers throughout the customization and manufacturing process.
  • We manufacture surface mount stencils and circuit boards.
  • We program our pick and place machines to build your boards.
  • We build a working sample and run it through our wave solder machine.
  • We test your custom IoT solution.
  • Once the design is finalized it won’t be possible to make changes during production (changes cost money and require us to repeat the above processes)
  • Once it meets all your requirements, we will start production as needed.
  • We work with our metal fabricators to design a metal enclosure if required.
  • You work with our artist to print the top side of the enclosure in full color with your company logo if required.

+MORE App customizations

We partnered with Blynk who have developed the +MORE app.  If you are interested in customization to their +MORE app then we're sure you will enjoy working with them as much as we did.  They can customize the user interface +MORE mobile app at your request.

  • Add new functionality and features to the mobile applications and web dashboard
  • Change/ add data visualizations options

Contact them today for custom App Development!

White-labeled mobile apps and dashboard

Blynk the developer of +MORE has a fantastic team of developers eager to help with your IoT applications.  They offer the following services.

We provide white-label IoT infrastructure:

  • Private IoT cloud
  • Branded mobile applications for remote monitoring and control
  • A branded web dashboard to manage fleet of your devices
  • Big Data analysis with actionable insights
  • Development of machine learning algorithms

Contact them today for all of your IoT cloud needs!

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Free Shipping on orders over $100

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