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  • Solid-State SPST Relay
  • 9600 Baud Operation
  • Relay Status LED
  • Convenient Terminal Block for Easy Connection
  • +12 Volt Operation, 2-Wire RS-232
  • No-Click Power-up
  • RS-232 and Power Connection


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Solid State: A Practical Alternative to Mechanical Relays!

Mechanical Relays have a good home in low-cost control applications.  But for some users, only solid state switching will do.  Solid State Relays are ideal for users who require long term reliability, silent operation, or high induction tolerance.  Many inductive control applications require a solid state relay.  Inductive loads such as Motors, Valves, Pumps, Solenoids, and Large Transformers (including Fluorescent Lighting) benefit from the use of solid state relays because they reduce the chances of the inductive load interfering with the logic of the relay controller.

About Serial Communications

To control the this Relay Controller,  simply connect a data and ground wire between the Relay Controller and computer or microcontroller. Provide +12 Volts DC to the board, and send ASCII character codes to control the relays.  Even a no-frills design deserves a high-quality driver stage, and that’s exactly what we put on our Serial Relay Controllers.  Fast-reacting flyback diodes help shunt dangerous voltages away from the driver circuit.

Features include no-click startup, LED status lights, and E3C compliance.  Relays can be controlled at 9600 baud and the board is compatible with ANY computer or microcontroller capable of delivering RS-232 data.

Solid State Relays

Solid state relays are ideal for agricultural switching applications, or remotely located switching.  SSRs are frequently chosen to control pumps, valves, solenoids, lights, and other high-reliability applications.  NCD solid-state relay controllers do not include solid-state relays, but you will have the option to choose the type of solid state relays you require when customizing your product. This controller is designed specifically to fit select Crydom solid-state relays, but may be compatible other solid-state relays made by other companies.


Choosing a Solid State Relay

Please examine the datasheet of each solid state relay carefully, as SSRs do not function exactly like mechanical switches.  SSRs frequently have minimum load requirements, and some require external snubber circuitry for certain applications.  SSRs do not typically work with volt meters in the same way as mechanical switches.  SSRs must also be chosen for AC or DC applications, as they are not universally interchangeable.  Some SSRs require forced air cooling, and may be damaged if not properly ventilated.  Please consult the experts at Crydom.com if you are uncertain about your choice of SSR.




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Serial Cable OptionChange

NCD Controllers are cable of connecting directly to your computer using this optional serial cable.

USB to Serial Converter OptionChange

Add a USB to Serial Converter to control this device over the USB port on your computer. Requires the Quick Start Kit option for plug-and-play operation.

Would you like a power supply?Change

NCD Controllers Need Power. All NCD Power Supplies use a 2.1mm Barrel Connector with 12VDC (center positive) rated at 1.25 Amps (minimum).

Do you need Induction Suppression Capacitors?Change

Induction Suppression Capacitors are essential for managing inductive loads such as Motors, Solenoids, and other Electronic Devices that implement a collapsible magnetic field.  These capacitors will reduce the chances of Electromagnetic Interference with our controller and prolong the operational life of relays.

Would you Like N-Button Software?Change

N-Button software allows you to configure buttons and widgets to control relays and read the status of relays without programming. Use N-Button to configure simple automation tasks, read analog inputs, and more.  Customize the user-interface with meters, buttons, and much more.

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