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  • 2-Channel SPST High-Power Relays and Inputs on Each Controller
  • Sold in Pairs and Uses 12VDC per Controller
  • Internet or LAN Control with No Static IP Address Required
  • Each Device Controls the Other Device
    • Local Inputs Control Remote Relays
    • Remote Inputs Control Local Relays
  • 2-Way Communication with Verification
  • No Configuration, Computers, or Programming
  • Relay and Communication LED Status Lights


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Ethernet Contact Closure 2-Way Transmitter Receiver Pair

Our MirX 2-Channel Relay Controllers are manufactured in pairs, designed to work together when powered up using Ethernet communications over a local area network or over long distances using the internet.  The contact closure inputs on controller A control the relays on controller B.  Similarly, the contact closure inputs on controller B control the relays on controller A.  MirX controllers consist of custom firmware that keeps this married pair of controllers in constant communications with each other.  Operating over a local area network, MirX controllers are capable of finding each other directly.  Operating over the internet, MirX controllers report to our dedicated Amazon server to stay connected.  Our first prototype was tested between between Shanghai China and our office in Missouri back in 2008.  Since then, we have had years to improve our firmware and our server software to help ensure these devices stay connected whenever possible.

This pair of MirX controllers is equipped with your choice of 20-Amp SPDT or 30-Amp SPST relays, ideal for use in most high-power switching applications.  Ideal for lights, motors, gate openers, pump controllers, valve controllers, and much more.  On-board Relay status LEDs and busy/ready LEDs let you know when these controllers are talking to each other.


Video shows wireless version of MirX controllers.


Ethernet Network MirX Remote Contact Closure Transmitter and Receiver Controllers

No Computers, No Configuration – Works Right Out of the Box.  MirX controllers stay connected to each other using Ethernet network communications over your local area network or through the internet.  Inputs on each controller activate the relays at the opposite controller.

Permanently Married, MirX is Always Trying to Talk to it’s Mate!

MirX controllers are always talking to each other.  They stay in relentless communications for optimal reliability.  Should they lose communication with each other, they will keep calling out for each other until they find their mate.  MirX controllers will search your local area network or the internet until they find each other.

Syncing Up

Every MirX controller is equipped with contact closure inputs and relay outputs. The inputs on one controller activate the relays on the remote device using ethernet communications. The “X” in MirX refers to the crossover. Since both devices are equipped with contact closure inputs and relays, each device targets and controls the remote device.  Every MirX controller is equipped with a Busy/Ready LED. If the Busy LED flashes, this indicates the remote device has successfully received and accepted your contact closure status. If the Busy LED does not flash, there is a communication problem between the two devices.



MirX controllers are typically used by our large industrial clients for a wide range of remote control switching applications.  Typical installations include remote gate operation, remote light control, remote pump control, as well as various temperature override applications.  Since MirX includes relays on each side, local relays are typically used for verification purposes, such as limit switches or remote door switches, indicating the remote device has completed its control function.


NCD manufactures several variations of MirX as well as other Mirror series devices.  Here are some variations you may wish to consider:

  • MirX Wireless for remote control applications, available with optional wireless encryption
  • MirX Wired for hard-wired communication applications
  • MirX Network for local area Ethernet communications or use over the internet (internet communications uses our FREE server)

Our Mirror Family Controllers:

  • MirX consists of relays and contact closure inputs on each controller.  Inputs in the home location control the relays in the remote location.  Inputs in the remote location control the relays in the home location.
  • MirC is the same as MirX except MirC consists of contact closures on one controller and relays on the remote controller.
  • MirM consists of a single contact closure input board and several remote relay controllers.
  • MirW consists of a single several contact closure input boards and a single relay controller.

MirX Relay Options

MirX offers several relay options, depending on your application.  We stock solid-state, high-power, and general purpose relays in our MirX line of products.  However, we can customize our MirX controllers to your exact needs.  Please contact us if you need any custom designed MirX controllers, including different relay types or firmware modifications.  This particular controller has the following relay options available:

20-Amp SPDT Relay Option

This controller is available with a 20-Amp relay option, allowing control of high-power loads up to an absolute maximum of 240VAC at 20 Amps. Ideal for high-power switching applications, this relay should never be used for low-power signals. The 20-Amp relay is of the SPDT variety, which provides Common (C), Normally Open (NO), and Normally Closed (NC) connections. Common is connected to NC when the relay is off. Common disconnects from NC and connects to NO when the relay is activated. This relay uses .250″ Quick Connect terminals (optional accessory) to connect to the top side of the relay. The relay is molded with COM, NC, and NO markings into the plastic.

30-Amp SPST Relay Option

This controller is available with a 30-Amp relay option, allowing control of high-power loads up to an absolute maximum of 240VAC at 30 Amps.  Ideal for high-power switching applications, this relay should never be used for low-power signals.  The 30-Amp relay is of the SPST variety, which provides Common (C) and Normally Open (NO) connections.  Common has no connection when the relay is off.  Common connects to NO when the relay is activated.  This relay uses .250″ Quick Connect terminals (optional accessory) to connect to the top side of the relay.  The relay is molded with COM, NO markings into the plastic.



MirX devices are only sold as a permanently married pair, pricing shown on our web site indicates pricing for the pair of controllers. Contact Closure Inputs may only be connected to switches, buttons, or sensors with Contact Closure capability. Not suitable for use in voltage detection applications. MirX devices use the Lantronix XPort Pro with custom firmware.  Data is transacted using two-way communications to ensure the remote device is properly functioning. The Busy LED is always used to indicate a properly functioning remote device. If you do not see the Busy LED flash, then the MirX controller is unable to communicate to the remote device. A flashing busy LED is your verification that all communications are functioning properly between MirX controllers.

Customers who require inductive switching (such as motors, lights, pumps, solenoids, and Transformers) should visit the Induction Suppression portion of our web site.

No Voltage Input

Please Note: Users must NEVER apply any voltage to an input on the MirX controller, these inputs are for Contact Closure connections only.

No Voltage Output

Please Note: Relays provide a contact closure output.  They do not provide a voltage output.  On-Board relays will switch a voltage that is provided externally by the user.




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