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  • WiFi Temperature Humidity Sensor for use with Amazon® AWS®
  • Industrial Grade with a Sensor Resolution of ±4%RH ±0.5°C
  • Environmental operating range is -40°C to 85°C
  • This device uses a 2.4GHz WiFi Communication Module
  • Plug-and-Play Setup Only Requires WiFi and AWS® Credentials
  • SoftAP Web-Page Configuration of AWS® Settings
  • Encrypted Communications Between Sensor and WiFi Connection
  • Supports IEEE-802.11B/G/N WiFi Protocols
  • Supports WPA/WPA2/WPA2-Enterprise WiFi Security Protocols
  • Supports DHCP or Static IP Managed Wireless Networks
  • Automatically Report to AWS® with Zero Setup
  • Transmits Sensor Data to AWS® Cloud Message
  • Externally Powered Using a 6-32VDC Power Supply
  • NO Monthly Fee or Locked Proprietary Protocols


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WiFi Temperature Humidity Sensor for Amazon® AWS®

NCD set out to build the world’s best Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensor for Amazon® AWS®. In doing so, NCD now incorporates a precision Honeywell® temperature and humidity sensor with a WiFi module and control board. The temperature and humidity data collected from the environment around the sensor will be transmitted in beacons of high-accuracy (±4%RH and ±0.5°C). The on-board temperature humidity Honeywell® sensor is rated for -40°C to 85°C or -40°F to 185°F making it a viable product for most applications.  

This WiFi Temperature Humidity Sensor is made to be directly accessible from AWS. As one of the world’s most popular IoT platforms, AWS is an essential tool for a wireless sensor device. Therefore, connectivity of the NCD ecosystem of IoT wireless sensors remains a top priority for the NCD engineering team. Note that this sensor will need to be externally powered and is capable of using a 6-32VDC power supply. 

When it comes to temperature and humidity sensing, nothing compares to the ease of use, low price, high accuracy, operational temperature range, or security features offered by NCD. 

To begin, access the product guide under resources to learn how to use Amazon® AWS® and this sensor in conjunction.

WiFi Temperature Humidity Sensor for AWS


  • In-House Temperature Humidity monitoring
  • Storage Unit Weather Monitoring System
  • Warehouse Temperature Humidity Monitoring System
  • Real Time Temperature Humidity Data
  • Temperature Humidity Sensor for Device Control Applications
  • Wireless Temperature Humidity Monitoring for AWS®

Viewing temperature and humidity on AWS® IoT Core®

AWS® has a service called IoT Core® that allows the user to stream sensor data through an MQTT Client. Since this service is accessible over WiFi, it can be used to remotely monitor temperature and humidity data coming from the sensor.

Once the sensor is properly set up, data can be streamed as shown in the visual to the right. The Cloud Topic Format can be customized during sensor setup after following the user guide for this product. 

The MQTT Client uses this Cloud Topic Format setting as a destination for the sensor to transmit data to. The user would then subscribe to a Cloud Topic to stream sensor data from the cloud.

Sensor Setup

Setting up and using a sensor has never been easier. After following the product user guide listed under the resources tab, the user will be able to configure the sensor’s settings over WiFi as well as use it’s testing capabilities through AWS® IoT Core®. 

After creating an AWS account the user will be able to configure the sensor with NCD’s user interface which will automatically open once upon connecting to the sensor through it’s WiFi module. 

AWS® IoT Thing Shadow®

Another easy way to configure the settings on this device is to use AWS® IoT Thing Shadow®. Most of the sensor configuration can be done here from the cloud making it remotely accessible.

Testing with AWS is time efficient and easy. The User Guide found under the resources tab will lead the user to the MQTT client like in the following screen. The MQTT client is where one will be able to control the interval of transmission and see the data from the sensor. 

Transmission Interval

This device sends data periodically based on user-preset timing intervals. As a sensor that does not use batteries, the transmission interval does not need to be adjusted with the intention to save battery life. 


Not for use in outdoor applications or for use in excessive temperature conditions. Prolonged exposure to extreme humidity conditions may damage this device.  The sensing element is rated for use for 5 years and may be replaced. NCD Warranty does not cover use in excessively smoky environments under any circumstances.

This device supports:

  • WPA/WPA2/WPA2-Enterprise WiFi Security Protocols
  • IEEE-802.11B/G/N WiFi Protocols
  • DHCP or Static IP Managed Wireless Networks



Mechanical Drawing

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Extended Lead Time

This product requires extensive manufacturing and testing times. Lead times for Enterprise Series Devices is typically 7-10 business days.

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Country of Origin: US
HTS Code: 854231
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We Customize Just for You!!

NCD offers many custom IoT electronic design services to help tailor our product to your exact needs.  Whether you are looking for custom firmware, circuit board modifications, metal enclosures, or industrial color printing, we can help you with a wide variety of design services.

Custom IoT Electronic Design Services Process

Most of our users purchase off-the-shelf hardware for initial testing.  Once everything is working, they contact us to build a custom solution which may include specialized changes to the board, firmware, connectors, etc.  Custom boards have many advantages such as reduced wiring, easy installation, small size, less power consumption, and in some cases, an overall reduction in product cost.  Custom IoT Electronic Design Services will have your company name and logo on the board as well as the enclosure.

Customized IoT Electronics

NCD engineers can help build a customized solution for your particular application based on the designs you see on our website.  We can combine devices onto a single board, change the shape, or even some of the components to meet your exact needs.  We also provide turn-key metal enclosures with powder coating and full-color printing on the top side starting at just $500 for setup!  We have more than 20 years of experience in electronics design and manufacturing.  All of our products are designed and manufactured in the USA, so we are here to support the products we make.  We only ask that our customers prototype their needs using our existing products before we customize.

Customization Guidelines

  • Custom designs should be based on our existing product because we can’t build rockets or electric cars over here!
  • We do not provide customization services if it involves the introduction of a new or untested technology.
  • Custom engineering fees depend on your requirements, so please contact us for a quote!
  • We maintain ownership of all designs, including our customized designs as they are based on our existing Design.
  • We will only ship the customized product to you or your authorized agents.
  • We have an NDA available if needed.
  • The turn-around time is about 2-3 weeks.
  • We specialize in low-volume designs, no quantity is too small!
  • We have the ability to scale to large volumes as needed.

Getting Started with Product Customization

All you have to do is contact us and we will walk you through the process from beginning to end, based on your individual needs.  Some people are surprised at how fast we finish CAD design (usually a few hours), but keep in mind, we still have to build your design, which takes considerably more time.  When we customize product, here are the general services we provide:

  • We design the circuit board.
  • We communicate with our customers throughout the customization and manufacturing process.
  • We manufacture surface mount stencils and circuit boards.
  • We program our pick and place machines to build your boards.
  • We build a working sample and run it through our wave solder machine.
  • We test your custom IoT solution.
  • Once the design is finalized it won’t be possible to make changes during production (changes cost money and require us to repeat the above processes)
  • Once it meets all your requirements, we will start production as needed.
  • We work with our metal fabricators to design a metal enclosure if required.
  • You work with our artist to print the top side of the enclosure in full color with your company logo if required.

+MORE App customizations

We partnered with Blynk who have developed the +MORE app.  If you are interested in customization to their +MORE app then we're sure you will enjoy working with them as much as we did.  They can customize the user interface +MORE mobile app at your request.

  • Add new functionality and features to the mobile applications and web dashboard
  • Change/ add data visualizations options

Contact them today for custom App Development!

White-labeled mobile apps and dashboard

Blynk the developer of +MORE has a fantastic team of developers eager to help with your IoT applications.  They offer the following services.

We provide white-label IoT infrastructure:

  • Private IoT cloud
  • Branded mobile applications for remote monitoring and control
  • A branded web dashboard to manage fleet of your devices
  • Big Data analysis with actionable insights
  • Development of machine learning algorithms

Contact them today for all of your IoT cloud needs!

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Free Shipping on orders over $100

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